Sunday, December 27, 2009

Travel day

Back to the grindstone tomorrow.

Airport screening was very concerned over my EKG calipers, which prompted a hand search of my bag. I had forgotten them in my work bag in the pen holder. They, apparently, are not a TSA forbidden item to I was allowed to keep them.

Other than that, despite it being the end of the Christmas weekend and in the era of idiot Nigerians burning their balls off with fireworks becoming an international incident requiring direct blame to the administration, I got through airport security in no time and am sitting at the gate. Cheers to Boingo and Google teaming up to give us free wifi for the holidays!

Hopefully the flight will be devoid of M-80s and Roman Candles both.

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oliviao said...

Yaay, you're blogging again. Took Hekyll and Jekyll to Build a Bear - Shmeckle will have her trip on Thursday - could not do 4 together!! Ronnie got a "Peace Bear" named Love and Ben got Darth Vaderrrr, but instead of having HB's(Heavy Breathing) the bear says "I Love You" - go figure...Much fun was had by all, including Granny!